Highlands Solar, Inc.
Roof or ground mounted, solar works in our area!
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Highlands Solar Energy, Inc. is a solar installation company located in Abingdon, Virginia.  We
offer design, installation and service of complete solar energy and solar water-heating systems
for residential and commercial applications.  We install grid-tied, grid-tied with battery backup,
and off-grid solar energy systems.
The Federal Government is now
giving a
30% tax credit for all
costs including installation (PV
& solar water-heating).  
customers are provided with a
$1000 rebate, and TVA buys all
the energy produced from the
system.  With traditional energy
costs steadily rising and
prices falling in the meantime,
solar technology is a smarter
option now then ever before.  
An investment in solar allows
you to build equity by paying
off your own power generation
facility with your utility
payments, instead of
continuing to be at the mercy of
the market.  
When you choose to be a producer of solar energy, you become a part of a community of people
working directly to lower the nation's carbon emissions.  Let us show you how a system can
eventually make you money!